Software Review of Python tools for Excel

This is a software review for software relating to integrations for, and interaction between, Python and Excel.

In the context of this document a software review is much like a “literature review” as found at the beginning of a thesis. Largely it’s an exploration of the knowledge domain cataloging what can be found and what the state of knowledge is at the moment of writing. This is quite different to a road-test which is often what is meant by a review.

Tabulating such data often doesn’t provide much genuine assistance. To a large extent these tools are found in the open source domain and the motivations of people creating solutions in that space are often addressing a specific “personal” need rather than necesarily considering the development of a product. With that consideration very few of these tools are intended to be precise replicas of each other so comparison tables would be sparse and nothing more than a distraction.

I usually find there is enough value in collating information about the software that exists, grouping the software solutions into categories for comprable solutions and specifying the feature-sets (as advertised). I have found this kind of documentation can provide enough value to enable people to make decisions on whether a particular solution fits what they are looking for. It’s rare to get many more than five or six solutions in the same problem domain or addressing the same problem.

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